5 Great, Geeky Outfits To Wear On Star Wars Day

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Star Wars Day is a very special day for me, because it involves Star Wars and bad puns, which are two of my favorite things in life. A third favorite thing: Awesome clothes. I’ve scoured the Internet, from Her Universe (who are running a Star Wars sale today) to itty bitty Etsy shops, to bring you some of the choiciest Star Wars wearables the Internet has to offer.

star wars day fashion empire

Battle of Hoth dress, Her Universe
Stormtrooper necklace, UnpossibleCuts
Laser Pointers nail polish, MckfreshNailAttire
Darth Vader pillbox hat, ChefBizarro
Death Star earrings, Sudlow Jewelry

star wars day rebels and rogues

Rebel Rebel Leia by lekashop
X-Wing Cardigan, Her Universe
R2-D2 scarf, RoobyLane
Han Solo leggings, SuperHeroStuff
Rebel Alliance earrings, FabricationUnlimited

star wars day clothes scum and villainy

Boba Fett earrings, JuniperandIvy
Boba Fett dress, ActionPink
Greedo tote bad by Adrian Mentus
Gamorrean Guard necklace, RocketsandRainbows

star wars day jedi and sith clothes

Jedi Flowers shirt, Foreverwars
What Would Yoda Do ring, BonnyandRead
Darth Vader hippie skirt, twinklewear
Luke Skywalker lightsaber pendant, niquegeek

star wars day clothes general cool

Spaceballs: The Scarf, s2ray (it totally counts)
Star Wars Dress, RebeccasDorkyDesigns
Rebel Insignia stud earrings, Hot Topic
Rebel Alliance glitter shoes, aishavoya


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