12 Super Stylish, Super Nerdy Gift Ideas [Gift Guide]

stylish gift ideas

We’ve already listed our cutest clothing pics for 2014, but if you’re looking for something that’s both nerdy and super stylish than head on past the break for 12 fantastic gift ideas.

steampunk boots

Ladies Steampunk Gypsy Boho Boots Product Page ($99.88)


Wings scarves—there are plenty of designs to choose from. Product Page ($56 and up)


The Star Wars collection from WeLoveFine and Goldie. Product Page: (Prices Vary)

assassins creed hoodie 1

Assassin’s Creed-inspired hoodies. Product Page ($28)


The Sprite Bag by Pixelle Product Page ($49.99)

her universe gg

Just about everything from Her Universe is stylish and nerdy. Check out their entire collection for awesome gift ideas. Product Page (Prices Vary)


Pokeball roll-up scarf Product Page ($20 / Orders must be placed by December 13th.)


Zelda polos Product Page ($29.99)


Black Milk features fantastic dresses, skirts, leggings, bathing suits and more with designs from a variety of fandoms. Product Page (Prices Vary)


Check out our feature on nerdy cosmetics for everything you need to know about finding awesomely nerdy makeup.


Dragon hair clips are available in a variety of colors. Product Page ($30 and up)

jules verne

Ties can be boring, unless you get one of the awesome designs from Binary Winter. Product Page ($24)


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