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This PCB Binary Watch Is Nerdier And More Dangerous Than The Apple Watch

binary watch

With the release of the new Apple Watch, there was a lot of talk about the more expensive version being some sort of status symbol –– because spending over $10,000 on a wearable device that will be obsolete in a year is so cool.

There’s another school of thought that it’s not the price of an item, but the depth of nerdery that makes it more awesome.

This new Binary Watch by Texas-based engineer Jordan aka Njneer falls squarely into that second category. It combines a bare PCB with a 9″ multicolored or gray ribbon cable as a strap. Two rows of LED’s display the hour and minute or the day and date.

Plus, the fact that it can physically harm you adds a badass element of danger.

It should be obvious, but this product is about as far from ESD safe and waterproof as you can get. All of the components, the circuit board, and the battery are exposed with no housing, leaving them susceptible to water and hazardous ESD conditions. I have personally worn one for months with no issues, but you should probably not wear it outdoors when it’s raining heavily or when you’re standing next to a Tesla Coil, Jacob’s Ladder, or EMP generator.

Check out more pictures after the break.

binary watch 2

binary watch 3

binary watch 4

If you really want to show off your nerd cred, you can find Jordan’s code and schematics on GitHub and build your own. If not, you can pre-order one.

Product Page ($45)

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