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This My Little Pony Patch Is Actually Being Worn By The U.S. Air Force

my little pony pilot image

Your first thought upon seeing this My Little Pony pilot badge is probably that it’s a fake, but it actually exists at Vance AFB in Oklahoma. Equestria Daily posted an image of the badge, and commenter charelz validated it:

I couldn’t take pictures because it would have embarrassed my stepson if I got all fanboy squee in front of his buddies. (He is in 14-04; this is 14-05’s patch and they were present for the Track Select for 14-04 where trainee pilots are told what kind of planes they’re going to be flying – my kid could have taken T-38 fighter track but he wants to be a commercial pilot so he picked T-1s which is the transport/tanker track.) Also the impression I got is that they vote on the patches and they have to get approved by the brass. This was their third try, so I don’t know how much was genuine and how much was irony but there was at least one non-brony who straight up refused to wear it and I overhead another complaining to his mom about it. But the flight instructor (who was a captain) was wearing it and he had no problems with his masculinity…

Hey, flying is magic. Rainbow Dash would think they’re awesome. I hope they are all aspiring to join the Wonderbolts.

(Equestria Daily via Neatorama)


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