This Man Built A Spider-Man Webslinger With An Electromagnetic Harpoon Launcher [Video]


Ok, I’m still waiting for science to deliver on a lot of cool future stuff: teleportation, flying cars, talking apes, and the ability to shoot spiderwebs like Spider-Man. Well, it seems that I and Patrick Priebe, a hardware hacker, think very much alike. He wanted to build a web-shooter too, but since all those brainy scientists (grrr) haven’t come up with super-strong artificial spiderwebs yet, Priebe had to make do with building a wrist-worn electromagnetic miniature harpoon launcher.

As you will see in the video after the reak, Priebe’s device boasts a laser sight and a retractable harpoon that’s connected using fishing line.

(Laser Gadgets via Gizmodo)


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