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The Latest Scents From Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab, Tested [Review]


Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab has a constantly changing variety of perfumed oils based on your favorite characters and the places they call home and I was fortunate to sample some of their newest offerings.

This was the first time I’ve experienced these incredible oils and, now that I’ve tried them, it is very possible that I’ll be stalking the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab site to keep up to date on their latest creations. I received over 30 vials of perfumed oil along with two products from their sister site, Black Phoenix Trading Post, which specializes in things like jewelry, clothing, bath and body, and room sprays.

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It’s one thing to go through your day smelling wonderful, but it’s another to come home to a house that smells equally delicious. The Exotic Bazaar Room Spray ($4-$23) from the Trading Post is part of their RPG line and it does make it feel as though you’ve just walked into a scene out of your weekly game. It was definitely one of my favorites. The scent is rich and spicy and just a few spritzes will fill the room and drift through your whole home. You can purchase it in a full 4oz bottle or a little Goblin Squirt 2ml size to sample.


Another one of my favorites was the Dorian Hair Gloss ($30) and it had a much lighter scent and was equally as light in application. You can use it on wet or dry hair and it imparts just a hint of aroma. If you’re really looking for shine, wait until your hair is dry for best results and the strongest scent.

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab releases their perfumed oils in themed groups and there were seven different groups in my sample package covering everything from books to movies to games. The largest grouping I received was from Neil Gaiman’s Coraline collection ($26). You can choose from scents like Mr. Bobo’s and smell like “Cooking herbs, pickles, and mouse fur” or The Other Mother’s Right Hand which is “A scrabbling, skittering, clacking scent: white as bone, black as a beetle, and red as blood – orris root, vetiver, and daemonorops.”

You can also channel your inner writer with the heady scents of Bram Stoker or Mary Shelley from their Inspirations line ($17.50). These scents even have t-shirts with the label art featuring images of the writers for which they are named.


Even more writerly goodness comes from Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman’s Good Omens series ($26) which lets you help a good cause while smelling like Agnes Nutter, Jasmine Cottage or Crowley. Proceeds from the sales of these scents goes to the Comic Book Defense Fund and Orangutan Foundation UK.

Dark and delicious scents are part of the Labyrinth series ($26) which will let you imagine you’re spending the day with David Bowie as Jareth in an “Ethereal lilac fougere and gleaming leather with ti leaf, tonka absolute, white musk, and oudh.” As with all the oils, the tiniest amount will surround you with scent so although the 5ml vials look small, they will last far longer than expected.

You’ll get even darker with treats like Clive Barker ($26) and The Dark Crystal ($26) lines. This is your chance to know what the Skeksis smell like with scents that include Skekna the Slave Master, “The essence of vile gluttony: an abundance of spices, sweet cakes, thick creams, and opulent liqueurs mixed with the scent of whip leather and rusted padlocks.” Surprisingly, this smells nothing short of delicious, almost like walking into a candy shop.


And to go along with the atmosphere you’ve created with their room sprays, you can add a little RPG flair to yourself with their RPG series ($17.50) which includes Druid, Gnome, Elf, Neutral and Bard which is “A ridiculously charismatic blend of bay rum, honey, and white musk mingling with the scent of harp wood and lute strings and the twang of horn brass.” Each is unique and entirely different from the other and, even though you’ve only met these creatures in your imagination, somehow they manage to capture their essence in the real world.

The fantastical descriptions of each oil show what makes all of the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents so unique. They aren’t all just floral bouquets with pretty, ethereal descriptions. They aren’t what you’ll find yourself accosted with in your local department store. Instead, they are rich, warm, evocative aromas that capture the essence of the far off worlds that you’ve read about and watched, so that you can live in them for just a little while.


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