The Hunger Games Nail Polish Is Really Going To Happen

Remember when The Hunger Games nail polish was announced? The news spread across the internet and Lionsgate warned it wasn’t officially sanctioned. Well, now it’s back. There were apparently legal issues surrounding the release. American International Industries (on the side of the nail polish) sued Lionsgate for breaking contract. They’ve kissed and made up but with a few changes.

Thrilled as I was about the nail polish, it never really made sense that the colors were tied to District 12 or the tributes. The only place in the story that would have such cosmetics would be the Capitol. Lionsgate recognized that and made some changes. They left the palette of colors the same (see above photo) but changed the names. Though I get they reflect Capitol style, the names are uninspired. They could tie to the product each of the districts in Panem creates. Still, for me, half the fun of buying licensed cosmetics is saying, “Hey, I’m wearing Cinna.”

The collection will be available on March 1, 2012.

(Crushable via The Mary Sue)


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