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The Heart-Shaped Twinkle In This Woman’s Eye Is Actually A Surgically Implanted Piece Of Jewelry

eye tattoo 1

Call me crazy, but putting permanent jewelry in your eye seems like a bad idea. Like the worst idea ever. It’s not stopping Lucy Luckayanko though. She’s the first person to go through a new procedure to implant Safesight jewelry. The operation allowed a doctor to insert a small platinum heart right on her eyeball. It involved making a small incision to insert the jewelry. Yuck.

It gets better/worse. The jewelry is not FDA approved and the American Academy of Ophthalmology doesn’t think the procedure is safe. If you have a strong itch to get an implant in your eye that isn’t medically necessary, just get another piercing instead and think about it a little more. I’m all for body modification but maybe just wait until it’s been around and thoroughly tested and proved to be okay for your health.

You can watch the news story after the break.

(My Fox NY via Gizmodo)


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