Still Looking For Prom Ideas? Try These 8 Disney-Inspired Dresses And Cosmetics [Featured]

Prom season is drawing to a close, but if you’re still looking for inspiration for a dress to wear, we suggest looking to a classic pop culture institution: Disney. Between princesses and villains it’s no surprise that a number of prom gowns have been created with certain Disney characters in mind. We found dresses specifically inspired by Disney that might be the perfect fit for your magical night.

Of course it’s not just the dress you need for prom, but the cosmetics to match. If your dress is already Disney-inspired, then why not continue the pop culture theme with some geeky cosmetics? Have some fun matching your makeup colors to your gown for an extraordinary, stunning look.

After the break discover eight pairings of Disney-inspired dresses with some beautifully geeky cosmetics that will make you the nerdy belle of the ball!


Heart of Magic Style 35670 ($398)

Sleeping Beauty meets the Paranormal

With the new Disney movie Maleficent almost in theaters, the classic Sleeping Beauty tale is on everyone’s minds so why not use it to inspire your prom style? Luckily it’s already the inspiration behind Xcite Prom’s Disney Forever Enchanted Spring 2014 Prom Collection. The line includes dresses inspired by Princess Aurora, Maleficent, and the magical elements of the story. You can choose from dresses in the categories Heart of Magic, Heart of Love, and Heart of Darkness. This purple Heart of Magic dress would be particularly enchanting to wear to your prom, especially if paired with the right eyeshadow!


Astral Plane ($7.50)

Try Espionage Cosmetics’ Astral Plane, a shadow found in their Paranormal Collection, to match your lovely gown. This mineral powder will make your eyes stand out and give you a complete magical, goosebumps-inducing look!


Style 41022 ($850)

Be a golden guest of Beauty and the Beast and Hannibal 

If you’d rather be the Belle of your prom, then check out this dress from the Disney Royal Ball Spring 2014 collection inspired by Beauty and the Beast‘s heroine. The dresses are meant for many occasions including quinceaneras, but are also perfect for prom. This gown has Versailles-inspired bead work and is hand-rolled, paying tribute to the character’s elegance and intelligence.


Apiary ($6.50)

While this type of yellow and gold can be tough to match to cosmetics, we found some colors that will make your face pop and get it just as much attention as your dress! Complete your geek-inspired style by looking to something definitely not as innocent as Disney: NBC’s Hannibal! Aromaleigh Mineral Cosmetics’ has a whole Hannibal-inspired collection which includes a quite fitting shade for this Belle dress. Their Apiary eyeshadow was created in honor of Amanda Plummer and her sun room in the episode “Takiawase.”


Gilded Force lip serum ($12)

Of course now that your eyes are shining as much as your dress, you need to give your lips a little attention too. Espionage Cosmetic’s Gilded Force lip serum can add just enough to make them sparkle. Not only will it enhance your lips, it also tastes deliciously like candy apple.


Plus size tulle ball gown ($109)

 The Princess and the Frog with a touch of Mutant Turtles and Zombies

After it was pointed out that this Sydneys Closet gown looked a little bit like Princess Tiana’s from The Princess and the Frog, a blog post revealed it does indeed take inspiration from the New Orleans-based princess. It has a beautiful beaded strapless, notched bodice in a creamy pistachio green color that will turn heads!

While this green is a tough one to find matches for when you want your makeup to compliment your look, Geek Chic Cosmetics actually has two great choices for getting nerdy eyes and lips.


You Best Pray I’m Dead ($5.99)


Retromutagenic Ooze ($4.99)

Check out “You Best Pray I’m Dead”, inspired by The Walking Dead, to give your eyes a golden green glow. For your lips, try this lime green gloss titled “Retromutagenic Ooze” inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Both aren’t overpowering shades so they won’t take away the focus on your gown but will complete your geeky green prom style!


Heart of Darkness Style 35646 ($538)

Maleficent and Lady Tremaine combine for a Wickedly Good Outfit

Disney villains can offer as much fashion inspiration as the heroes! Maleficent in particular, especially with the release of the new film, can make you look dark and dashing as soon as you walk into the room. This Disney Forever Enchanted Heart of Darkness black and gold gown is magically eye-catching.


MAC Maleficent Eye Shadow ($44)

The dress goes well with the MAC eye shadows also based on the movie, which you can find at Macy’s.


Lady Tremaine Lip Gloss ($14.95)

To conquer prom and complete your villainous ensemble, try this Lady Tremaine “Wickedly Beautiful” lip gloss from the Beautifully Disney line. The magenta shade inspired by Cinderella’s stepmother will indulge your dark side and make you irresistible!


Style 41005 ($630)

It’s dangerous to go alone so go with Mulan, Tinkerbell, and The Legend of Zelda

This bright Mulan-inspired dress from the Disney Royal Ball collection will make you feel beautiful and heroic.


Heart Piece ($1-$6)

Paired with Heart Piece, an eye shadow from Shiro Cosmetics’ Legend of Zelda line, you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.


Tinker Bell Lip Gloss ($14.95)

For an extra dash of magic, brighten your lips with some matching Beautifully Disney Fantasy in Flight Tinker Bell lip gloss.


Heart of Love Style 35701 ($478)

A Princess and a Spy

Feel like Princess Aurora in this pink strapless prom dress, so elegant that animals may just join you on the dance floor!


Tokyo Rose ($7.50)

Add some of Espionage Cosmetics’ Tokyo Rose mineral powder, from their Eye-Spy collection, for the perfect princess undercover look.



Created by JoEllen Elam

Embrace Winter and Become an Epic Ice Queen

Freeze your prom night in your memory with this Frozen Elsa-inspired dress.


Elsa Inspired Look ($25)

Keep the icy theme by getting Elsa’s eyes with Espionage Cosmetics’ custom Frozen collection.

It includes four colors (Astral Plane, Reaver Red, Sudden but Inevitable, and KAPOW!) as well as a step-by-step pictorial explaining how to get the look.


Heart of Love Style 35708 ($438)

Princess Aurora the Pokémon master

This soft blue gown from the Disney Forever Enchanted Heart of Love line does the one beaded strap style right. Combine it with this Pokémon-inspired shimmery blue eye shadow to keep your pop culture blue theme going.


Bubblebeam ($1-$6)

Shiro Cosmetics’ Bubblebeam, from their Super Effective collection, will make you see this classic water-type move in a whole new light!


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