SmartShawl Protects Women From Microwaves and Cellphones

Our gadgets are trying to kill us. That Hot Pocket you just popped into the microwave? It’s a double whammy of fat and microwave radiation.

The SmartShawl was invented by mothers who wanted to prevent exposing their unborn children to the potentially harmful effects of microwave radiation and the electromagnetic fields that exist all around us. Supposedly, it can also be used by women to prevent the occurrence of breast cancer since the shawl can be positioned to cover the chest and belly.

According to the product page, the SmartShawl consists of proprietary “anti-radiation fabric” made from cotton and “micron thin metal fibers made from stainless steel.” SmartCovers are also available that can be placed over the microwave when cooking.

It all sounds a bit dubious, but I’ll admit that it looks a lot more comfortable than walking around with a tinfoil hat and a lead-lined dentist X-Ray apron.

Product Page ($30-$35 via ChipChick)


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