See Crystal Clear With This New ‘Sailor Moon’ Eyewear

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Fans of Sailor Moon will be able to see the show a little more clearly thanks to these glasses from Japanese eyewear company, JINS.

The series features six glasses inspired by Sailor Moon characters, which come with a matching case for 8,532 yen or $75.36. You can also pick up a Sailor Moon-themed cleaning cloth for 1,080 yen or roughly $10. There are also two premium glasses which are based on the Princess Serenity dress and Silver Crystal. They can be had in a set with a cleaning cloth and case for 12,960 yen or $116.

The glasses are available for pre-order through Premium Bandai or JINS, and they’ll be ready for delivery this summer.

Check out more pics below.


Sailor Moon

Sailor Chibi Moon

Sailor Mercury



(via Rocket News)


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