“Sailor Moon Crystal” Sanitary Pads, Um, Okay


Women in Japan are going to have one more choice in sanitary napkins this November with the introduction of a whole line inspired by Sailor Moon Crystal. According to Sailor Moon Collectibles:

Ultra Guard Safe Until Morning (navy blue packaging): these are made for wear overnight when you’re asleep, they are thicker for quick absortion and have fitted leak guards. 330: 33cm, 16 pieces per pack, 360: 36cm, 14 pieces per pack, 400: 40cm, 12 pieces per pack.
Ultra Guard Gokusui (white packaging): these are made for wear during the daytime when you’re active, they are slim and comfortable. Pink: 20.5cm, 26 pieces per pack, Orange: 24cm, 21 pieces per pack, Green: 27cm, 16 pieces per pack.

This is an officially licensed product, too, not just some weird knockoff although it really seems like it should be a joke.

(Kotaku via The Mary Sue)


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