Nintendo Belly Warmers Are Things That You Can Buy

nintendo belly warmer

Ever heard of belly warmers? I’m guessing most of us haven’t. The accessory, also called a haramaki, looks like a corset, but it’s design is intended to keep your stomach warm. It used to be worn under clothes, but Japanese company Hobonichi has been treating the garment as a fashionable piece of clothing. And now, they’ve gone geeky with them! They’ve teamed up with Nintendo to make belly warmers featuring Super Mario Bros. and Mr. Saturn. I think they look cozy.

Check out more photos of the belly warmers after the break.

nintendo belly warmer 2

nintendo belly warmer 3

nintendo belly warmer 4

nintendo belly warmer 5

nintendo belly warmer 6

Visit Facebook for full intructions on how to order a belly warmer of your own.

Product Page (Tiny Cartridge via SGC)


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