Nerdy Nail Polish And Eye Shadow For All The Fandoms

nerdy nail polish 1

While I wandered the exhibit hall at New York Comic Con, nail polish caught my eye. Even though I don’t paint my fingernails on a regular basis, I can’t resist looking at beautiful polish blends – and Fandom Cosmetics has tons of them. Their line includes a staggering number of fandoms from The Avengers to Lord of the Rings to Once Upon a Time to Supernatural. I had to buy their black and sparkly Impala inspired nail polish called “Dean’s Baby.” Though several of their offerings include glitter, there are lacquers as well.

And if you can’t be bothered with nail polish, they also make vivid eye shadow palettes. I have a feeling I’m going to be purchasing many gifts from them for the holidays.

See more examples after the break.

nerdy nail polish 2

nerdy nail polish 3

nerdy nail polish 4

nerdy nail polish 5

nerdy nail polish 6

nerdy nail polish 7

nerdy nail polish 8

Product Page ($8.50 and up)


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