Nerdy Face Paint Features Anime Characters, Katniss, Frozen, And More

face paint 1

You don’t need a canvas for paint for when you have your own face! That seems to be DeviantArt user Blueberrystarbubbles’, a.k.a. Michelle, working theory. She loves to paint faces and her gallery shows an impressive body of work. She’s painted characters from anime (that’s Titan Eren from Attack on Titan pictured above), to Disney, and video games. You can see she has skills when it comes to blending depth and different shades into her work and also that she’s great at packing character details into a small area. She’s much better than any face painters we had at the local county fair.

More cool face paint after the break.

face paint 2

katniss__the_girl_on_fire_by_blueberrystarbubbles-d6vxczq (1)

face paint 3

face paint 4

face paint 5



(via Neatorama)


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