MAC Unveils Wonder Woman Line of Cosmetics

MAC Cosmetics, you’ve done it. You’ve finally convinced me to buy new make-up. All you had to do was add Wonder Woman.

The new line of cosmetics inspired by the Amazon will in stores on February 10. The range of products includes lipstick, mascara, nail polish, eyeshadow, and more. You’ll even get themed accessories like a makeup bag and mirror to go with your new collection. The products are all wrapped in Wonder Woman’s signature colors – red, blue, and yellow. You even get fantastic names for the make-up! Mighty Aphrodite, Army of Amazon’s, Secret Identity, and Golden Lariat are just a few of the creative titles. The comic art in the promotional images was drawn by Mike Allred—he’s done covers for DC Comics Teen Titans series, and he is best known for his indie comics creation Madman.

You can add a little superhero to your cosmetics bag starting at $14.


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