Keep Warm With Superheroic Fleece Scarves

captain marvel scarf

It’s fun to dress like superheroes, but spandex isn’t comfortable and isn’t made to be worn every day. Nerdy t-shirts are another fun way to show your love for a character to the world, but they won’t keep you warm in the winter. What’s a geek to do? Add flair with an accessory like a scarf! Etsy seller OOAKrafts has a variety of fleece scarves featuring superhero logos; they look awesome and they’ll keep you cozy.

Each scarf is around 72″ and made to order. The insignias on the scarves are sewn on, and it’s hard to choose! I love the Captain Marvel scarf featured above but also the Captain America design and the Black Widow one and the Batman one and I’d just like to buy the whole shop.

Check out more designs after the break.

batman scarf

captain america scarf

iron man scarf

spider-man scarf

wonder woman scarf

x-men scarf

Product Page ($15.99)


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