These Awesome Transparent Lipsticks Have Flowers Inside Them


Today in “things you don’t technically need but desperately NEED”, may I present Kailijumei lipsticks

These are jelly lipsticks with real flowers inside them. They come in four colors: Flame Red, Minutemaid, Barbie Doll Powder, and Pink Barbie Power. While they look clear, they go on with a color that can vary in shade depending on your body’s temperature and pH.

So mood lipstick with real flowers in them? Sign me up!

Check out more pics below.

Only 3 more lipsticks left from the mini restock! Get them now or wait a week.

A photo posted by Kailijumei Cosmetics Seller (@kailijumei) on #Kailijumei

A photo posted by Kailijumei Cosmetics Seller (@kailijumei) on





Not surprisingly, the lipsticks are out of stock at the moment, but they are taking pre-orders.

Kailijumei lipsticks: ($30)

(via Buzzfeed)


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