How To Make Your Own Geeky Hair Accessories [Feature]

I’m lucky for many reasons. For one thing, I’m surrounded by lots of friends who share similar geeky interests. Secondly, many of those friends are ladies who like to craft. So, it’s not surprising that those crafts tend towards the geeky side. We’ve gotten into the habit of having parties just for the sake of crafting, sharing tips and supplies, and figuring out different skills. I can’t tell you how much more fun it is to decoupage, use hot glue, etc with a large group. It may sound silly, but it makes me braver with my crafting. Like for example, I’ll pick up an X-Acto knife now (I’m bad at cutting straight lines, so X-Acto knives intimidated me, okay?).

In the past we’ve decoupaged bangle bracelets and made all sorts of nerdy footwear. Our most recent project was fashioning some hair accessories with geeky slants. Here’s our how our parties work: each person comes with the supplies for the craft she wants to complete along with the supplies needed for the project. Sometimes more than one person will work on a similar project, but I like that we all have different ideas. We keep a Pinterest board going to keep us inspired for our geeky craft days. If we have our acts together ahead of time, sometimes we’ll coordinate and share supplies like brushes and glue.

Check out the hair accessories we tackled with a quick how-to after the break.

I had a few projects in mind: Lego barrettes, a decoupage headband, and some glitter hair clips. I almost had time to finish everything, but I ended up completing my headband at home. Unlike the shoes, working on hair clips went pretty fast. Barrettes with Lego pieces were an especially quick and cute project. I purchased single Lego studs from the loose bricks at my local Lego shop. Then I followed this handy tutorial from Being Geek Chic. It really was as simple as finding large bobby pins or barrettes, putting down a thin layer of tacky glue, and place the Lego studs on one by one. The finished result is adorable:

I also used flexible barrettes and Lego flowers for these easy clips:

The glitter hair clips were a little more challenging for me because of my inexperience with an X-Acto knife, but I fumbled through and now I want to make hair clips of all the geeky logos! This came about because some friends used craft foam to make fabulous mockingjay clips when The Hunger Games came out. They used plain craft foam and then covered it with glitter. Since then, my pal pointed out you can buy pre-glittered craft foam sheets that come with a sticky back. Yay! That day I made mockingjay, Rebel Alliance, and Avengers clips.

I had to make an X-Men design and the Millennium Falcon later. Yeah, it’s addicting. You’ll need the following to make your own clips:

  • Hair clips, you can get them from beauty supply stores or online
  • Pre-glittered sheets of craft foam from a store like Michael’s
  • X-Acto knife with a nice, sharp blade
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Scissors
  • Glue (I used Aleene’s ClearGel Tacky Glue)
  • Pencil or extra fine Sharpie
  • Printed images of the logos you want to make in the size you want them to be (flip them horizontally if necessary)

Place the paper with the logo of your choice on the cutting mat and carefully cut it out. If you’re better with scissors than I am (you probably are), you can go that route as well.

Next, trace your logo onto the back of the pre-glittered foam sheet. If it’s a logo like the Avengers “A,” remember that the side it’s facing is important. Either trace it on the front of the sheet, right onto the glitter or make sure you print a flipped image. Obviously, this doesn’t matter for logos like the Rebel Alliance and X-Men symbol.

Once you’ve got it traced, carefully cut along your lines with an X-Acto knife. Press hard to get through the foam. You might pull off some of the paper backing as you go, but that’s okay.

When you’re done, pop the logo out of the craft foam. You can glue the hair clip on the back of this, or you can put your logo on another piece of glitter craft foam that’s a different color and roughly the same size. I feel like it will make the logo stand out more. If you decide to do that, you can peel off the paper backing entirely and stick the foam craft pieces together. Use a little glue for more security.

Once that’s done, flip the entire piece over and decide where you want the hair clip to go. Put a thin coat of glue down and stick the hair clip to it. Open the hair clip slightly to put a piece of scrap foam in the end. Leaving it a little open prevents it from gluing shut.

Set it aside and let it dry for at least a day before you attempt to wear it.

If you discover you don’t like working with the craft foam with a sticky back, you can buy regular craft foam, cut the shape out, then use Mod Podge and the glitter color of your choosing on the craft foam.

Here are some other accessories that were fashioned at craft day.

Teen Titans decoupaged headband by Stephanie:

Leather Wonder Woman headband by Kimi:

Fabric TARDIS headband (made before the party) and more glitter hair clips by Lady Steam:

I made this Daredevil headband after I went home:

Hopefully, if you’re new to crafting but have the desire to make some geeky wearables, this tutorial will give you some inspiration and help you get started. As always, feel free to send pics of your awesome creations to They might just end up on the site!


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