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Form, Function, And Feudal Japan Meld In These Hairpin Weapons

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As modern as Japan is, there are traditions that date back to feudal times that remain today. One of those traditions is using hairpins or kanzashi when wearing a kimono.

To drive that point home, these particular kanzashi are made by Wargo Nippon and feature three designs that are based on Samurai-era weaponry.

The brass katana and scabbard is adorned with silver chrysanthemums, the symbol of the Imperial family. The jitte kanzashi is based on the sword-busting weapons used by law enforcement. They’re brass coated in gold or rhodium, with a rayon tassels and a replica lantern used for patrol. Finally, the matchlock rifle kanzashi has a butterfly in honor of Nohime, the wife of samurai warlord Oda Nobunaga.

Form, function, and feudal Japan all in one. Not to mention beauty.









Product Pages: Katana 12,200¥ (approx. $113 USD) / Jitte 5600¥ (approx. $53 USD) / Matchlock rifle 8900¥ (approx. $83 USD)

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