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Grant Imahara And Allen Pan Make Cap’s Shield And Iron Man’s Gauntlet Real [Video]

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A few weeks ago we featured a video in which Mythbusters alum Grant Imahara teamed up with Allen Pan (whom you may recall as the guy that built a Mjolnir replica only he could lift) for a friendly Civil War-inspired build competition.

Namely, they set out to build “real” versions of Iron Man’s gauntlet and Cap’s shield. See how they turned out in the video below.

Cap’s shield is a difficult build to recreate, considering it’s made of a fictional metal and (as briefly mentioned in the recently-released Captain America: Civil War) doesn’t entirely adhere to the laws of physics. Not a problem though, as Pan has turned to an unlikely place to make the shield a reality – drone technology. After trying and failing to make the shield out of a Parrot.AR Drone 1.0, he turned to the similar but apparently more fit-to-task WLToys V262, affixing a faux shield with air vents on top to allow the thing to fly. Pan can throw the shield and have it return, just like in the films.

Imahara’s gauntlet was a slightly trickier build however. After five days of 3D printing and three days of assembly (including wiring and cleanup), he had a replica of the gauntlet fitted with a blue laser with a power output of five-and-a-half watts. It’s the most powerful laser you can legally buy online, and it looks awesome.

Want to know how to build your own? Don’t worry, the dynamic duo outline their build process in the previous entry in the series, which you can watch below:

(via Gizmodo)


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