Gift Ideas For The Beauty Geek [Gift Guide]


There are lots of ways to show you’re a geek through the clothes and accessories you wear, but what about through your makeup? Fashionable beauty geeks who like to try the trendiest products have endless choices these days. Luckily if you want to subtly show your fandom passion at the same time there are a growing number of beauty products that will let you do that too!

From eye shadows to perfumes, here are a few beauty gift ideas for the geek girl in your life.

Eye Shadow


Espionage Cosmetics offers a wide range of colors that can show your geek side through your eyes, but this Game of Thrones-inspired Collection of Fire and Ice will make you feel like a true Khaleesi! The set features four colors including Sun and Stars, Not Today, Iron Price, and Knights Watch. $28 – Espionage Cosmetics


Science fiction fans won’t be able to resist becoming part of the Farscape crew with this “Scapers” eyeshadow set. It features six out-of-this-world shades: Starburst, Yotz!, Guiding Star, Anarchist Priest, Bonded to The Stars, and Frell! For a limited time you can get this complete set and other geeky eye shadows on sale. $18.45 – Geek Chic Cosmetics

sephora disney

If Disney is more your style, then Sephora’s princess collections are perfect for you. Their four-piece Cinderella midnight hour eye shadow palette is especially enchanting! $30 – Sephora


Die-hard Firefly fans will want to check out the brilliant colors in this “Can’t Take the Sky From Me” collection. It’s a bit pricey but comes with 18 shades including Browncoat, Companion, and Zoe’s Kiss. $120 – Sweet Libertine



Lips can be a bold place to make a statement and the geeky glosses of Geek Chic Cosmetics offer options for fans of everything from My Little Pony to fairy tales. They even have an amazing green shade called Retromutagenic Ooze for any girl who loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. $3.49 – Geek Chic Cosmetics


MAC’s Archie collection is just what lovers of classic comics need. Try this deep blackened plum color lipglass to feel as ravishing as Veronica! $16.50 –MAC Cosmetics

mermaid sephora

This lip gloss set called Mermaid’s Song includes four fun shades inspired by Disney’s The Little Mermaid called Mermaid, Red Head, Dream Girl, and Sea Witch. $38 – Sephora


catching fire nail stickers

There may be some controversy surrounding the overall message of the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire makeup collection by CoverGirl, but their nail stickers at least are pretty straightforward. The designs are subtle but will be recognized by fellow fans of the franchise. The stickers are only sold in stores so prices may vary – CoverGirl


Nail wraps are really a great way to show off what you love. Espionage Cosmetics currently has four fun wraps that you can choose from: tentacle, blood spatter, circuit board, or nebula. $12.99 – ThinkGeek



If you really want to be subtle, try having your friends use their noses instead of their eyes and guess what fandom your perfume is inspired by! Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab knows exactly how to blend the perfect scents and there are a few lines they have that geeks will love, but literary fans of Neil Gaiman won’t be able to resist their collections inspired by his work. Here you can find scents inspired by American Gods, Coraline, and more. $26 and up – BPAL


Gamer geeks in love with RPGs can’t miss this Traces of Thedas handmade perfumes/colognes line inspired by the characters from Bioware’s Dragon Age. Scents include Witch of the Wilds, Vengeance, and Frisky Pirate. $5.99 – ThinkGeek


You can look like a Disney princess and smell like one too, thanks to Sephora. They offer perfumes inspired by Jasmine, Ariel, and Cinderella. $58 – Sephora


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