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Researchers Have Developed “The Gauntlet Of Levitation” [Video]


A team of researchers with the University of Bristol created a gauntlet that uses acoustic levitation to manipulate small objects. They’ve dubbed it the “Gauntlet of Levitation” or GauntLev for short. Catchy, right?

The GauntLev is part of a broader effort to create acoustic levitation devices that could, one day, help people work safely with hazardous materials. This effort includes another version that they have compared to the Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver.

sonic screwdriver

As the name implies, acoustic levitation involves using sound waves to manipulate objects. As you’ll see in the video below, the researchers use acoustic levitation to actually rotate small objects in the air. The researchers posted an abstract on the Bristol Interaction Group website that notes the following:

“The presented prototypes still have limited forces but symbolize a milestone in our expectations of future technology”.

One of those future technologies is described in Nature Communications:

“Single-beam levitation could manipulate particles inside our body for applications in targeted drug delivery or acoustically controlled micro-machines that do not interfere with magnetic resonance imaging”.

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