Fun, Stylish And Nerdy Accessories That Make Perfect Gifts [Gift Guide]

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We’ve covered lots of different fashionably geek gift ideas this holiday season, and this time we’re offering up our picks for bags, jewelry and other accessories that the fanboys and fangirls on your list can use to add a little flair or functionality to their wardrobe.

Check out the list after the break…



Backpack of Holding: Product Page ($49.99)

Enterprise NCC1701 messenger bag

Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 Messenger Bag: Product Page ($79.99)

TARDIS backpack

Doctor Who TARDIS Figural Backpack: Product Page ($29.70)

Rocket Raccoon Back Pack

Guardians of the Galaxy Suit Up Rocket Racoon Backpack: Product Page ($49.99)


Star Wars Millenium Falcon 3D Backpack: Product Page ($34.99)



Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Wristwatch: Product Page ($49.99)

gear necklaces

Gear Necklace: Product Page ($185)

star wars earring pack

Loungefly Star Wars 6 Pair Earring Set: Product Page ($14.99)

hun_r2d2_pearlnecklace (1)

The Her Universe Jewelry Collection: Product Page (Prices Vary)

trek jewelry 1

The Star Trek Jewelry Collection: Product Page ($55.95 and up)

thor jewelry 1

Blinged Out Thor Helmet Necklace: Product Page ($80)



Handy with a needle and thread? If so, you can knit this lovely Star Wars scarf. the pattern can be downloaded for free.


Light-Up Star Wars Lightsaber Sunglasses: Product Page ($29.95)


Clippa- Mini Tools Hair Clip: Product Page ($9.99)


Bat Bow: Product Page Leather/Large Vinyl ($5/$6)


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