Final Fantasy XV Style Hair In Real Life

final fantasy hair 1

Getting video game style hair often requires hours of styling and product. In fact, you usually have to buy a wig in order to get any kind of approximation of the improbably arranged hair you see on screen. Unless you’re a “host.” Internet users in Japan have noted how the protagonist – Noctis Lucis Caelum – of Final Fantasy XV looks just like a paid drinking companion called a host. The occupation exists at “host clubs” in Japan, and the men take care of your drinks and will even sing you karaoke. They have their own sense of style, and as you can see from the above image, it includes wacky hair.

More crazy hairstyles after the break as well as an image of the Final Fantasy XV character.


final fantasy hair 2

final fantasy hair 3

(Hayabusa via Kotaku)


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