Fancy Up Your Suit With These Geeky Tie Clips

Heart Meter Tie Pin

You may not think you need a tie clip but if you plan to walk outside where there could be a breeze, save yourself the trouble. Pin or clip your tie down; you don’t want to eat it or have it blow up and get stuck to your lip gloss (yep, been there). Etsy seller The Little Saint has a plethora of nerdy tie clip options that are practical and add personality to your outfit.

The stainless steel plated designs come with 8-bit nods such as Space Invaders or a Zelda life meter and there’s also a lightsaber clip, a Superman symbol, and more.

Check out more options after the break.

Hand of the King Tie Pin

Lightsaber Tie Clip

Masters of the Universe Tie Pin

Space Invaders Tie Pin

Superman Tie Clip

Product Page ($23 and up via it8bit)


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