Eyeglasses That Record Your Life

Vergence Lab has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their YouGen.tv glasses, which will convert from sunglasses to regular glasses at the push of a button and record your life via a built-in HD video cam.

We’re beginning this big idea by creating social video sharing, trend setting electric powered sun glasses. Our product will record 1st person point of view, and have “magic-glass” (chromatic shifting conductive glass) lenses for an instant on/off “electric powered sunglass” feature. It’s a consumer electronics fashion accessory designed with technology to enable cool new social video and new electric sunglasses lens capabilities while being fashion-forward and stylish in the process.

Creators Jon Rodriguez and Erick Miller expect more features in the future, including the HUD technology being incorporated into Google’s Augment Reality Glasses. For now, YouGen.tv will go for a $199 pledge – a full $100 less than the retail price.

Check out a promo video after the break.

(via TechCrunch)


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