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Official ‘Doctor Who’ Scarf-Knitting Instructions From The BBC


On December 28th 1974 the Fourth Doctor, brilliantly and memorably portrayed by Tom Baker, made his debut. Along with a delightfully odd sense of humor, a manic smile and, of course, his trademark scarf. A scarf that so captured the imagination of scifi fans around the world that it’s one of a handful of clothing items with its own fanbase dedicated to recreating the thing as accurately as possible.

During the early ’80s, the BBC regularly received letters from the public asking how they could get their own Whovian neckwear, and the then-new BBC Enterprises (the commercial arm of the company, now known as BBC Worldwide) responded in quite possibly the most BBC way possible – by providing instructions for knitting your own. A standard memo was prepared to respond to such queries. That memo was shared online by 93Fangshadow, and you can see it below.


Of course, the Fourth Doctor had a number of scarves throughout his run, but this pattern mostly resembles the second scarf made for Baker, worn for three serials during the show’s 15th season. It does stop short of the full length of the thing if the patterns at are any indication. Thus concludes the single most obsessive, geeky paragraph I have ever written for any website ever.

(via Tor)


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