Carzor Is a Credit Card-Sized Shaving Kit

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in emergency beard-shaving situations. Fortunately, I’ll never show up stubbly again thanks to Carzor. It’s a credit card-sized razor and mirror all-in-one.

Basically, the razor pops out of the card and the remaining bit functions as an awkward “U”-shaped mirror. You can even choose to add strips to your Carzor razor that are scented like mint, sandal, lemon, ocean, and orange. When not in use, it’s small enough to store in your wallet.

So, Carzor makes sense on some level—especially if you do a lot of traveling. I’m still not sure about that mirror though. It might not be worth trading off a clean shave for a face riddled with bloody wounds.

Product Page ($12 via The Fancy via OhGizmo)


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