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BodyGuard Armored Gauntlet Packs a 500,000 Volt Punch

Kevin Costner played a bodyguard in the movies—so you know he knows a thing or two about high tech self defense equipment. That’s why he had the good sense to invest in his friend David Brown’s idea for an armored gauntlet that has a built-in 500,000 volt stun gun.

The glove weighs under three pounds, its protects the arm with ballistic nylon and it comes equipped with the aforementioned stun gun, a video camera, laser pointer and flashlight. Buttons on the palm can be used to control all of the gadgets.

The components are arranged for ease of use, comfort and to prevent users from stunning themselves. The green laser pointer helps aim a high-definition video camera because, Brown says, a suspect who knows he’s on camera is more likely to cooperate. If the camera doesn’t do the trick, the wrist mounted stunner might. It looks and sounds painful when electricity sizzles between its electrodes, which may encourage an attacker to back off. As a last resort, it may be used to briefly incapacitate a particularly stubborn suspect.

Naturally, the BodyGuard might have applications in law enforcement, security and the military. The first demo unit will be made available to the Los Angeles sheriff’s department later this year. Future versions could include chemical sensors, communication equipment, biometric readers and more.

(Armstar and PopSci)


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