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Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Perfume Oil Review #1

Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab does so much more than just make scents. They bottle places, characters, and moments. Opening a bottle of their perfume oil will take you to another place or transport you into the pages of your favorite comic book. It’s fun to wear a bit of say, Machu Picchu or Hellboy, around on your skin all day.

I’m not the only one who thinks this way. The lab (known as BPAL) has a substantial following. Attending one of the lab’s monthly Will Calls is the antithesis of purchasing perfume over the counter in a department store. It’s cozy and more like a family gathering – a cool family with hip clothing and dreads. People pull out notebooks and checklists and talk to new and old friends while trying out some of the hundreds of available scents. Besides seeing each other at Will Calls, fans of BPAL also talk online in their very popular forums. The message board has 20,000 registered users!

The community of fans proves that scents created with artistry and top quality ingredients do inspire passion and loyalty. The fact that BPAL partners with authors and comic book creators is just icing on the cake. The lines of scents inspired by Hellboy, Witchblade, and Dawn come to mind! I recently tried oils from the Hellboy and Witchblade lines.

The Curator from Top Cow’s Witchblade series
BPAL’s site has the following description – Mysterious herbs and ancient resins. Dust settled on ancient relics, both holy and malevolent.

The mysterious character owns an antique shop. He is a spectator but is occasionally gives wise guidance or acts as informant. He is also very well informed. On my skin (and the smell of the oil is different from the bottle to each person’s skin), it is musty with a hint of sharp spicy notes. It is mildly cloying too. It’s layered, and it’s hard to pick out a single scent. The word mysterious fits. The aroma is subtle, but still not quite for me. And that’s okay. It will be a perfect fit for someone else.

Dawn: Maiden from Joseph Michael Linsner’s Dawn series
BPAL’s description: Tea roses, honeysuckle, heliotrope, olive blossom, milk, and honey.

At first sniff from the bottle, the roses are the prominent scent. The smell is not heady or overly sweet, just layers of the lightest rose fragrance. The honey notes are the next to jump out. On me, the rose smell is initially strong but it soon fades to a light, dried flower smell. The honey flavor deepens and somehow makes it a little fruity. It’s sunny and floral, and since I tried it the first time a few months ago, it’s become one of my favorites.

We think you should try out some of the comic book inspired scents too! And make sure to check back in tomorrow for a review of four additional BPAL oils.


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