Black Milk Has More Fabulous Middle Earth Nylon For You

black milk more hobbit gear

Black Milk getting the licenses for Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit is good for all of us. They keep putting the coolest images and designs on nylon! The only bad part is budgeting and deciding which ones to choose. Their latest release of Middle Earth goods features the following items:

  • Contract Leggings
  • Dwarves Montage Leggings
  • Giant Ring Leggings – Made to Order
  • Ringed in Gold Leggings – Made to Order
  • Legolas Swimsuit
  • Middle Earth Map Dress
  • Tree of Gondor Swimsuit
  • You Shall Not Pass Leggings
  • Statue Defender Leggings
  • Hobbit Montage Dress

I’ll be over here over drooling like a dragon who wants treasure.

Check out images after the break.



lotr dress

black milk contract leggings





Product Page ($87 and up)


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