Bedazzled Geeky Nail Art Is Seriously Impressive

nail art - sherlock

When it comes to applying nail polish, I’m still a Padawan. I struggle with making just a single color look nice and smooth. Nail artist JeeA Lee is a Jedi Master though. She not only paints intricate designs of characters and locations from shows such as Sherlock (please note the London ferris wheel from the series’ opening credits on her thumb in the above photo), she also uses crystals, micro pearls, and more to add extra dazzling touches to her designs. I’m freaking blown away.

Her designs include subjects from Star Wars, Star Trek, Adventure Time, Doctor Who, and many more. I can’t get over how creative her work is and how she packs so much onto such a tiny palette.

See more examples of Lee’s amazing nail art after the break.

nail art - adventure time


nail art - doctor who 2

nail art - doctor who

nail art - sleeping beauty

nail art - star trek

nail art - star wars

nail art - thor

(via WGW)


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