Beard Baubles Are Just What Your Facial Hair Needs This Holiday Season

beard baubles 1

If your facial hair isn’t in the holiday spirit, Beard Baubles may be the solution. The shiny accessories were designed by London ad agency Grey London. Employees of the agency, Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, were given the job of coming up with something different for the company Christmas card, and it looks like they succeeded.

The proceeds of the beard decorations go a charity called Beard Season (they raise awareness about melanoma), and when the founder of the charity shared the above photo on Instragram, everyone started placing orders. So many people became interested that Grey London is now sold out of the wacky accessory. They’re hoping to add more stock before the holiday.

See more photos of the shiny baubles after the break.

beard baubles 2

beard baubles 3

Product Page (£7 or $11 via Mashable)


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