Awesome Portal, Zelda, And Batman Leggings

leggings portal

You cannot resist the pull of leggings; you will be assimilated. At least, that’s what is going to happen if the the trend continues. Jeans may cease being an option! Luckily, you’ll have plenty of cute leggings to choose from including some new patterns from Etsy seller Idzerda Designs. She has stylish options such as black and gold leggings featuring the Triforce from Legend of Zelda, gray leggings with Portal’s Companion Cube, and black and yellow ones with the Bat symbol. All fine choices.

The leggings are made to order from quality fabrics and shipping time is listed as two-ten weeks.

Check out additional styles after the break.

leggings batman

leggings zelda

Product Page ($60 and up via PwnLove)


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