Adorable Doctor Who Disney Princess Leggings

dr who princess leggings 1

If your closet needs a dose of cute, all you need to do is add these Doctor Who Disney Princess leggings from Living Dead. They feature the TARDIS and a whole bunch of chibi style princesses as the various generations of the Time Lord. Here’s how they break down:

First Doctor- Snow White (1937)
Second Doctor- Cinderella (1950)
Third Doctor- Aurora (1959)
Fourth Doctor- Ariel (1989)
Fifth Doctor- Belle (1991)
Sixth Doctor- Jasmine (1992)
Seventh Doctor- Pocahontas (1995)
Eighth Doctor- Mulan (1998)
Ninth Doctor- Tiana (2009)
Tenth Doctor- Rapunzel (2010)
Eleventh Doctor- Merida (2012)

I think I sort of need these leggings, and I want to wear a bow tie with them. Ariel as the Fourth Doctor is my favorite.

See the leggings from all angles after the break.

dr who princess leggings 2

dr who princess leggings 3

Product Page (55 AUD or $51 via Geek Alerts)


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