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Scooby Gang 10s

We’ve seen our share of period makeovers for pop culture characters (the Mike Wrobel Game Of Thrones series comes to mind), but Julia Wytrazek’s Scooby Gang series is something new. In her Behance project, Wytrazek explains that she was inspired by the changes she saw in the characters from their debut in 1969. So, she decided to draw them for every decade of the 20th century.

Keeping their original color schemes, here are her reimagined takes on Velma, Daphne, Shaggy, and Fred. I personally love Daphne in the ’90s and Velma in the ’30s.

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retro got cosplay 12

Remeber when artist Mike Wrobel illustrated characters from Game of Thrones as if they were living in the ’80s and ’90s? He made them all look like they were right out of a John Hughes movie or fresh off the streets in Miami Vice. And because the world is an awesome place, a group of cosplayers have replicated the outfits. They wore the ensembles to the last two Dragon Cons and acquired some new additions this year. There’s Cersei, Arya, Jon, and so many more.

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game of thrones bran

Bran Stark in the ’90s is a kid I want to befriend. Yes, artist Mike Wrobel has designed another round of Game of Thrones characters displaced into a different time and I adore the way they look. The Hound in a Simpsons shirt and a White Walker with a popsicle? It’s all genius and so much freaking fun. It’s going to be a while before I get tired of these.

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Here’s what happens when you take the characters from Game of Thrones and send them back in time to the ’80s. Artist Mike Wrobel has already taken half the cast to the ’80s, but now it’s Khal Drogo, Cersei Lannister, Tyrion Lannister, Bronn, Theon Greyjoy and Margaery Tyrell’s turns. He’s perfectly set them in the decade along with big hair, flannel shirts, and a hot dog. It’ll make sense when you see it.

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Last week we posted about Mike Wrobel’s 80’s & 90’s stereotypical take on some of the Game Of Thrones characters and now he’s followed up with versions of Arya, Sansa and Brienne of Tarth.

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Artist Mike Wrobel has done his own take on the characters from Game of Thrones, giving them an 80’s & 90’s twist. From Dany with her ferrets, Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion to a grunge Jon Snow.

Check out Jaime Lannister, Joffrey and Jon Snow after the break.

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