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When it comes to Geralt cosplay, nobody does it better than Maul Cosplay. The image above breaks down his transformation a bit, though there are still a few steps to go between the image above and the image below. [click to continue…]

geralt beer

It looks like Geralt is still enjoying his retirement. Surprisingly enough, he met up with Imlerith for a beer. As you can see, Geralt really regrets paying for that round.

Once again we have to tip our hat to the amazing Maul Cosplay for his gold standard Geralt. Kudos to Tarrer’s Costumes And Props for the spectacular Imlerith cosplay that will undoubtedly smell like beer now and forever.

witcher baywatch

Geralt of Rivia has some free time on his hands these days, and he’s making the most of his retirement. Don’t expect him to slow down though! As you’ll see in the following video, he’s staying active. [click to continue…]

You probably recognize Maul for his top shelf Geralt cosplay, but these images from eosAndy prove that both cosplayer and photographer are fully committed to making every character as authentic as possible. For this Last of Us shoot, they traveled to the Chernobyl exclusion zone to capture the ideal apocalyptic backdrop. Check out more photos and a video below. [click to continue…]

The fact that the legendary Geralt cosplayer known as Maul is in this fan film pretty much says it all. Erika Rogers did a great job as Triss (she also produced) along with Stephan Bender as the bad guy. It was directed by Leo Kei Angelos. Watch it below. [click to continue…]

the witcher cosplay top

I’m not really sure anything I say about this phenomenal cosplay of The Witcher (from The Witcher) by Maul of Defcon Unlimited will do it justice.

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Check out the detail on his costume in the photos below. The work more than speaks for itself.

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