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It’s not enough that Think Geek sells t-shirts you can play, they’ve also decided to offer a bag made for rocking out. The bag has a battery powered amp that conveniently hangs from the side. You can play all the major cords. Crazily enough, it also functions as an actual bag. It’s made of sturdy black canvas and has plenty of pockets. The coolest rock stars have pockets.

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Air Guitar

In addition to this shirt, they also make some awesome invisible shoes and guitar picks. If you want to pick up your very own air guitar, the top of the line model is available here.

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This guitar necklace with a pick holder will keep you prepared in the event of spontaneous rocking.

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guitar braceletThis guitar bracelet will show the world that you are a starving artist who is dedicated to the music. Couple this with the phrase “I’m a musician” and more often than not your friends will no longer expect you to pick up a tab, leave a tip or pay rent.

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Hiro better be good at Guitar Hero since it is basically his namesake. His time traveling abilities could be useful if he had the ability to slow time down rather than stop it, but I have seen no evidence he has that capability. So his playing skills are all about his hand to eye coordination and not his special abilities.

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It’s not often that you find a rock guitarist all gussied up in a suit. Fortunately, you are not a real rock guitarist—virtual musicians have more class. Case in point: these stylish Guitar Hero cufflinks.

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It is all well and good that Rambo was able to live off the land and defend himself with his special forces training. But did they teach him how to jam out on a guitar? If not, that is a serious hole in his training.

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The little guitars on this shirt have a definite resemblance to pictures I saw in eighth grade health class. I guess if any of them are able to actually fertilize the record we will be treated to a classic album, like something Pink Floyd would have released in their heyday. Otherwise it will have to live its life as a Britney Spears release.

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Maybe being a Guitar Hero isn’t you thing. Maybe you are really a glockenspiel hero. No? How about a kazoo hero, beatbox hero, or even a bagpipe hero? Whatever your preference, there is definitely a band geek hero shirt to suit your talents. Hit the product link for a full list.

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