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Accept no imitations.

Officially-licensed Harry Potter Quidditch Goggles, handcrafted with amazing details including golden snitch icons on the sides, to look just like the ones from the movies. Perfect for cosplay, Halloween costumes, or joining your house team at Hogwarts! The elastic strap gives lots of stretch and even has a metal buckle for further size adjustment, so you can wear these comfortably during a match or an all-day convention.

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The Blonde Swan Hat Boutique has all sorts of cool things to put on your head, but I’m partial to the vintage-style Wonder Woman products.

I think I’d do the vintage cap with the vintage goggles. No eagles—I want to keep it simple. How about you?

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The ghosts won’t be able to sneak up on you when you’ve got these Ecto Goggles like the ones in the Ghosbusters movie. They’re one size fits all and include four stop-motion animations from Mattel’s 6″ scale Slimer. If you happen to have the PKE Meter, then you can plug them into the meter and see animations. They also come with stickers that you an use to personalize your goggles. Both are available for preorder with delivery later this month.

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And you thought those steampunk goggles with the extra lenses and bits were funky. These Thor goggles have actual wings sticking out from each side. Thankfully they’re leather so you won’t stab yourself in the face while you’re wearing them. Too much? Then you can go for Captain America instead, but those stars in his eyes mean you’re in no way driving with these on your face.

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Let your budding superhero look the part when he’s kicking the everlovin’ out of pool water this summer with these Marvel swimsuits and goggles. The suits are available in Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-Man designs and offer fade-resistant fabric and UV protection. Spider man, Iron Man, or Hulk goggles are also available with see-through scrims and adjustable straps.

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Whether your spending time outdoors, operating a vintage automobile, or secretly building a suit of armor in shop class, these Iron Man goggles will help you protect your peepers in the nerdiest way possible.

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SA Photonics’ new High Resolution Night Vision System (HRNVS) promises to vastly improve the resolution and field of vision for military pilots flying nighttime missions while, at the same time, making them look like they just stepped out of Skymall catalog.

Of course, pilots will be happy to look ridiculous because HRNVS offers high resolution night vision imagery and over an 82.5 degree field of view. That’s more than double the field of view of most night vision systems. It also processes the images digitally, much like a fancy DSLR. That means enhancements and video recording that traditional night vision simply can’t pull off.

SA Photonics also claims that the helmet is lightweight—something I was concerned about at first glance. I pictured pilots ejecting from aircraft and plummeting to the earth head first like a shuttlecock.

(SA Photonics via BusinessWire)

Jack Rossi made what looks to be some awesome Ghostbusters ecto goggles and popped in some 3D lenses—presumably so he could watch 3D movies the nerdiest way possible.

I just finished up my Ghostbusters Paragoggles (or Ecto Goggles). According to Ghostbusters lore, The Paragoggles are activated independently of the PKE Meter but can work in conjunction with it. They enable the user to view otherwise-invisible ectoplasmic activity, objects on the ethereal plane, and objects that exhibit paranormal affinity. At times your Paragoggles will reveal Ectoplasmic Residue, reducing the need for PKE Meter readings. I however went a little on the techie side and decided to insert anaglyph 3D red and blue lenses in them. Now the spooks and specters really pop out at ya!

(Irrelevant Tomfoolery via Super Punch)

“Transcend” is definitely an appropriate name for Zeal Optic’s new line  ski goggles. Not only do they surpass most most goggles in terms of how they look, they also appear to be the first goggles with an integrated GPS display. Skiers can also get information on speed, altitude, temperature and distance traveled.

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Since there seems to exist a segment of humanity that enjoys products that look like something out of Doc Brown’s Back to the Future III workshop, I am inclined to offer you eye-wear by the fine people at F#$k the Mainstream.  The fact of the matter is that these goggles are not only stylish, but functional.  Whether your going to a rave, reading a clock 1 millimeter from your cornea, or trying to kill someone with your face-you’ll be ready.

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