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Nail art aficionado The Nailasaurus has put together some fun (and relatively simple) nail art ideas for Halloween, complete with links to tutorials, instructions and pictures.

With designs like Frankenscars, Morticia, Happy Jack, Candy Corn, the Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Patchwork to name a few, you’ll have lots of great ideas to choose from.

Head on over to The Nailasaurus for more info on how to recreate these looks.

avengers nail art 1

The Lacquer Legion group’s theme this month is Fandom, and The Nailasaurus decided to show her fandom stripes with Marvel nail art. She was inspired by all the news about The Avengers: Age of Ultron at Comic-Con over the weekend and translated the excitement to miniature art. Her nails feature nods to Thor, Iron Man, SHIELD, Captain America, and Black Widow.

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Your nails will look like miniature circuit boards with this nail art by The Nalasaurus. It’s a combination of a regular coat of polish and stamping. The stamping is what adds the circuit board design to complete the look.

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Created by The Nailasaurus.


In honor of Star Wars Day yesterday, the Nailasaurus featured some new Star Wars nail art. I don’t know a whole lot about painting nails, but I have to say that this nail art looks pretty darn cool. As you can see, she painted some stars, as well as Luke’s two favorite droids: R2-D2 and C-3PO.

(via The Nailasaurus)

GOT Nail Art nailasaurus

More details on The Nailasaurus.


Nailasaurus has already designed some fantastic nail art based on The Lego Movie and now she’s added on one more character. This time it’s Unikitty in all her pink and pastel glory, complete with a few glittery nails for extra punch.

(via The Nailasaurus)

lego movie nail art

Whether you have plans to see The LEGO Movie or not, these nail designs by The Nailasaurus are just too cute for you not to attempt.

Much like a LEGO creation, these LEGO nails are built in layers and even have 3D elements.

For a full tutorial on how to get this design on your nails, head to The Nailasaurus.

Classy Doctor Who Nail Art


Just because “The Day of the Doctor” has aired doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating the wonder that is Doctor Who! The Nailasaurus came up with lovely nail art for the occasion, and I like that it’s representative of the series but still elegant. She included the galaxy design to represent space, blue with flat backed pearls to represent the Daleks, and gold and black swirls to evoke the Gallifreyan language. I’m amazed by all of it but especially that the galaxies were painted by hand and are not nail stickers. Wow.

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Social Media Nail Art

The super-talented nail artist known as the Nailasaurus has struck again.