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Photographer Antti Karppinen, Mae-Rye Cosplay and makeup artist Kiki Kameleontti are the first out of the gate with a cosplay of the creepy robot geisha featured in Ghost in the Shell. It goes without saying, but a cosplay of this caliber and complexity requires a LOT of work. [click to continue…]

Photographer Antti Karppinen shared his latest project with us, and like much of his previous work it involves adding a little Photoshop magic to take a wonderful cosplay to the next level. The following series includes eight cosplays by Mae-rye cosplay, enhanced with some fitting backdrops. [click to continue…]

Photographer Antti Karppinen sent us his latest work, and it’s undoubtedly one of his most ambitious cosplay projects to date. It all started when amateur model Maija approached him about tackling a Neytiri cosplay from Avatar. With a little help from some talented friends, they managed to deliver on some gorgeous pictures. [click to continue…]


Photographer Antti Karppinen needed a birthday present for his wife. So, like any creative person, he skipped the jewelry store and headed right to the armorer.

Indeed, the idea to transform his wife into Viking Shieldmaiden Lagertha was born out of their love for the History Channel show Vikings. Karppinen notes:

What to do when your wife has a birthday and you are out of ideas what to buy? Well .. go a head and buy or try to find a hand made Viking armour, arm braces, shield, hand embroidered shirt, authentic viking sword and other needed gear. And of course get a one eyed horse who can lay down on command.

Get together an awesome team of friends to help you to turn your wife into Lagertha by doing the hair and makeup and to assist with the photoshoot. Get some smoke machines and bombs and get the team into some awesome location near the lake and shoot some frames to match one of your wife’s favourite TV series of all time.

Then spend couple of days retouching those images and post them online for everyone to see. Birthday present .. DONE!

Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Photographer Antti Karppinen asked cosplayers to come down to his studio for a small photoshoot, and this guy showed up. Karppinen notes that his “mind was pretty much blown”.

He was struck by the fact that he doesn’t see a lot of people cosplaying the Mk1 and, given the detail on this, I can see why. Cosplayer stark_will_fix_it_all gets major props from me for building this impressive cosplay. Check out more pics below.

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We recently shared some amazing cosplay photographs taken by Antti Karppinen at Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2015, and he sent us an equally amazing batch of cosplay in honor of Star Wars Day.

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Photographer Antti Karppinen had one goal during a recent trip to Cardiff Film and Comic Con 2015 in Wales—celebrate the cosplayers.

“Two days straight, over 2000 pictures, over 200 different characters. Just amazing. And all this just as my own project and giving back to these guys that truly deserve all the attention possible. Without them these events would be basically nothing.”

The results are simply stunning. Check out more examples after the break…

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