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One of the coolest costumes at Dragon Con this year was ridiculously clever: Volpin Props went to the Marriott hotel and carefully sketched and re-created the recognizable carpet and designed carpet camo outfits. Photos of the cosplay spread across social media, and Volpin Props responded to the popularity by making the fabric design available on Spoonflower. Unfortunately, the carpet manufacturers weren’t thrilled with this action.

Even though Volpin Props has made their ugly carpet pattern more well known, Couristan, Inc. has sent Volpin a Cease and Desist to stop selling the fabric. I know the manufacturer is legally correct, but you’d think they’d take this unique opportunity to talk to Volpin and do some creative advertising or something rather than just shutting them down. Regardless, any cosplayers who want to make costumes patterned on the carpet will figure it out – they tend to be a resourceful bunch.

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Kevin Skiera debuted his Daft Punk costumes at DragonCon over Labor Day weekend, and as you can tell, the level of detail is pretty incredible.

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Dragon Con features some of the most amazing cosplay you’ll see at any convention and this video captures some of the best. It’s actually a tribute to George Pérez that features the heroes of Justice League of America vs The Avengers. There’s every part of cosplay represented from makeup to prosthetics to costuming of every kind, it’s incredible!

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Photo via Thomas Spanos.

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Fashionably Geek reader Rose tipped us to her Amazon Wonder Woman cosplay (and the awesome Nubia Wonder Woman cosplayer she ran into) from Dragon Con and we loved it.

One of the things that makes this cosplay unique and interesting is just how much work went into it. Rose gave us the details in her email.

I’m a leather worker and made the breastplate, belt and skirt, all hand tooled and hand painted. A friend helped me sew the leather bodice.

Together we figured out how to turn a piece of industrial brass sheet metal into the crown, the eagle sword catcher on the chest, the belt buckle and the eagles on the shin guards.

We also learned how to use an electro-chemical process to etch the designs into the brass. We even looked up ancient greek lettering for the tail feathers.

We tried to create a set of armor that is functional. The breastplate has been hardened using heat and chemicals and will stop a blade. We stuck with all leather and brass for an authentic feel.

That’s a lot of work and dedication, Rose. Wonder Woman would be proud!

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dc cosplay video

Cosplayers from around the country save their best costume efforts for Dragon Con. Seriously. You can’t imagine the awesome on display – you really have to be there to experience it. However, watching a video like this will give you an idea of the hard work and craftsmanship you can see on display at the convention. You’ll spot Disney princesses as Can-Can girls, an impressive Aquaman, Wonder Woman, Number Six, a scantily clad Witchblade, and many more.

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wonder woman cosplay 1

My favorite versions of Wonder Woman costumes portray the hero as more of a warrior and less of a bathing suit model. Earlier this year, artist Rory Phillips came up with a design that put Diana in the attire of a Scythian warrior. It was a gorgeous illustration, and cosplayer Rachel has brought it to life. The armor, the ceremonial death mask, the tattoos – she included every piece and she looks awesome.

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kerbal cosplay

You see every costume you can possibly imagine and a lot of ones you can’t at Dragon Con. These Kerbals from a game called Kerbal Space Program are a perfect example. The space flight simulator game has a loyal following and as you may guess from the title, it focuses on a space program operated by Kerbals. They’re green humanoids who just want to explore space and you have to build rockets, etc to help them. Neat!

Redditor mongoosled and friends like the game so much they made some detailed costumes for Dragon Con. I have no doubt fellow attendees who play the game squealed when they saw this group, and that people who didn’t recognize them were still impressed.

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dragoncon camo cosplay

Cosplay by Volpin Props. Photo by Joseph Chi Lin.

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Check out the video after the break to watch Chad Vader weed through the weird, sexy and awesome costumes at Dragon Con.

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