A good Megara cosplay from Hercules needs good hair, and Jessica LG nailed it by styling a Jeannie wig from arda wigs. Love the dress too.

Photo by Geri Kramer Photography. [click to continue…]

minions wedding rings

Here’s the thing Minions. I like you, I really really do. I’m just not ready for this kind of commitment. You need someone that can appreciate this kind of ring in 18 ct white and yellow gold with black diamonds. It’s not you, it’s me.

Minions Wedding Ring ($457.46 and up – per ring)

nick top

Nostalgia is IN right now. If you were a ’90s kid, a new capsule collection from Junk Food Clothing will definitely bring back some fond memories. From the press release:

The original vintage t-shirt company, Junk Food Clothing will host The ’90s Nickelodeon Takeover at its flagship store on Abbot Kinney beginning Tuesday, Aug. 30, with a themed capsule collection and special activations to celebrate some of the most-loved Nick characters and series from the decade. the collection, which retails from $28 – 48, includes fan favorite shows like Rugrats, All That, Clarissa Explains It All, Rocko’s Modern Life, Double Dare, Salute Your Shorts and Good Burger. The t-shirt line will be available both online at and at the Junk Food Clothing flagship.

The ’90s Nickelodeon experience will extend beyond the t-shirts to include two iconic symbols of the network. Both the interior and exterior of the Junk Food Clothing flagship store will get the “SLIME” treatment with Nickelodeon’s signature green goo dripping from the ceilings and splattered on the floors.

Check out some of the pieces from the collection below. [click to continue…]

el diablo top

Cosplayer Raquel Sparrow blew us away with her Aquaman cosplay a while back and now she’s doing it again with her El Diablo.

Part of me hopes she’ll end up doing a series for both the Justice League and the Suicide Squad. How cool would that be? Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


We discovered some pretty cute fashions for Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle over at Hot Topic, and there’s plenty of love for Calcifer to be had.

Men’s and women’s tees, bags, mugs, throws, a hat…even a Calficer coin purse. I want so much of this stuff! Check out more pieces from the collection below. [click to continue…]

little wonder woman top

Clearly, this little Wonder Woman is a force to be reckoned with. The photo appears to be from Knighthawk Photography, but there isn’t much info beyond that. At any rate, it’s super impressive. Check out the full pic below. [click to continue…]

hubble dress

Redditor Andromeda321 is an astronomer. Here we see her sporting a dress with the Hubble Deep Field on it. Could there be a more perfect dress for someone in her profession? I think not. However, she notes that she rarely wears it because she views it as “kinda cliche for an astronomer to wear”.

what, What, WHAT? If I was an astronomer you had better believe my entire wardrobe would be space-themed. She earned this style.

It appears that the version she is wearing came from Macy’s, but is no longer being sold. But, we did find a very similar version on Redbubble if you’re interested in owning it yourself.


We’ve seen plenty of of D20 earrings, but most of them involve drilling holes in actual dice. These stud versions are made of stainless steel and are stylishly subtle. Check out the image below to see what the dice look like while being worn. [click to continue…]

fabric cutting tools

I’m guessing the means of your horrible death will be very creative.

(via Reddit)


This Harley Quinn cosplay came to us via Ginger Armadillo Costumes, who says she wanted to keep the feel of Harley’s original jester costume with a touch of realism. I’d say she managed that beautifully. Here’s how she put the look together:

I made Harley’s corset from some scrap yardage of a beautiful red and black brocade. With red ribbon channels and black lace trim, it’s fully steel-boned (and lined with flannel for extra comfy!) Harley’s pants and jacket are both modified thrift store purchases. My mask is Worbla and carbon-fiber-patterned automotive vinyl. My Harley wig began as an Arda Chibi. I cut out about 1/3 of the volume, hand-colored the roots, severely cut the bangs, and restyled the pigtails. A painted Nerf gun serves as my pistol. Lastly, I repainted a pair of Harley Davidson boots found at my local thrift store (because they were perfect, but also for the pun!)

Photography by Studio Henshin Photography. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]