This t-shirt features a beautiful Lux from League of Legends on a t-shirt. From the product page:

Designed by Summoner Cubehero. In between battles, Lux quickly dons an apron to preserve her pristine armor and starts painting! Known by her fans as the Painter of Light, Lux’s crowning achievement is an old painting called Finales Funkeln.

The shirt is available in both men’s and women’s sizes.

Product Pages: Women/Men ($21.99 via So Geek Chic)

santa doctor doom

No one can resist the Christmas spirit, not even Doctor Doom. The villain took the place of Santa Claus once in an issue of Marvel’s What The-?! series, and Imgur user CaptCash used it as inspiration for this spectacular Santa Doom costume. He even made a naughty list to carry around, and it includes Josh Trank, director of the upcoming Fantastic Four film. I love it.

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cat purse 1

Fellow cat enthusiasts: prepare yourself, for you are about to learn of the most wonderful handbag of all time. Are you ready? It’s a purse made with a picture of a cat! Just look at it. Instructables user push_reset crafted the canvas bag with adjustable straps from the printed image of a reclining feline. You have to print the kitty on fabric and perform some intermediate level sewing to assemble the purse – if it’s beyond your skills, grab a friend to help because this bag is worth it.

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This absolutely gorgeous cosplay features Canadian cosplayer Captain Izzy as a Dark Elf Sorceress from Warhammer. She’s got the costuming and makeup down wonderfully, and believe it or not, this is her first attempt at cosplay.

Photos: Lexa One Photography

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unicorn dinosaur shirt 1

There’s no battle like one between mythical creatures, and this vibrant design from Black Milk Clothing has it all. The front of the polyester tee features a beautiful but fierce unicorn while the back of the tee has a robot dinosaur that shoots lasers from its head. The fight plays out against a background of space and rainbows. Tell me this isn’t the greatest shirt in the history of ever.

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Anytime you attend a theme park, do yourself a favor and interact with a costumed villain performer if you can. They’re allowed to be sassy at both Disney parks and Universal, and the results are usually hilarious. We saw a recent example of this with Gaston at Magic Kingdom, but this Megatron is even better. When a woman asks the Transformers villain for a selfie, he speaks some truth about social media (and her hoodie) and I love him for it.

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The latest wondrous thing to come out of 3D printing is a pair of prosthetic legs for this adorable pup. Derby was born with deformed front legs that made it impossible for him to walk properly let alone run.

3D Systems designed Derby a custom pair of prosthetic front legs and they have completely changed his life—now he runs just like any other dog. It’s incredible to watch!

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Hobbit cosplayers

It’s a neat thing when cosplayers get to interact with the people who inspired their outfits and even neater when it’s captured on camera. In their latest video, the folks behind Cosplay Boom speak to fans who made costumes inspired by The Hobbit. They also spoke with WETA artists who worked on the films including Richard Taylor, Lindsey Crummett, and Andrew Baker. They have nothing but praise and appreciation for cosplayers, and it does the heart good to hear.

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Want to pretend you attend Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters instead of your boring Danger Room-less institution? This watch from ThinkGeek might help. The stylish design isn’t exactly subtle, but since it’s black, you can pair it with multiple outfits. It has a stainless steel caseback, a silicone band, and will not give you any sort of mutant powers.

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Cersei Lannister is the woman you love to hate on Game of Thrones, and here she’s wonderfully cosplayed by Arcana Imperia Cosplay. She’s got Cersei’s look of disdain down perfectly. These photos were all taken at Montreal Comiccon by Lexa One Photography.

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