she-ra costume 1

She-Ra Princess of Power is one of the most awesome characters to come from the 1980s. She’s fierce, powerful, and has an awesome costume. Désirée Cosplay loved the character when she was growing up and came up with an original design inspired by She-Ra’s outfit. She looks awesome.

Photos by Mirage Images.

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hogwarts purse 1

Harry Potter had a difficult time receiving his invitation to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry thanks to the Dursleys, but you can just buy a version of it and carry it at all times. Etsy seller Tobacco Pouch has re-created the letter from leather and turned it into a small purse.

The front of the purse features Harry’s address, and the purse closes magnetically with a faux wax seal made from polymer clay. The interior features the text of the entire letter. You can’t fit a ton of stuff into the purse, but it works well as a clutch or wallet.

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teefury shoes 1

TeeFury has expanded their offerings beyond t-shirts and prints and has launched a footwear line. ShoeFury will eventually include several designs but has kicked with a single print featuring characters from Studio Ghibli by Enfu. They have both slip-ons and high-tops available, and the base of the shoe is Zipz. That brings me to the coolest part about these shoes: the tops zip on and off.

That means once you buy a whole pair shoes, you can skip buying the soles in the future and only purchase new tops. It makes it easy and more affordable to change up your footwear.

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Who says you’re too old to dress like the Power Rangers? Sure, you have a job, and a home and all sorts of adult responsibilities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t don your favorite pair of Power Rangers PJs and bounce around on your bed while singing “Go, go, Power Rangers!” at the top of your lungs. Right? Right?

These one-piece loungers look super comfy and they feature a hood!

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Here’s the perfect shirt to get those French taunters to ease up a little with the insults. It’s got their signature helmet and crossed halberds designed to look like the official team logo for, um, a team of wicked taunters. Yes, that’s it. Root for Team Taunters or risk their farts wafting in your general direction.

(Product Page ($19.95)


Is there such a thing as owning too many pajamas? It seems like a wise idea to always have comfortable pants and full pajama suits on hand, and these Christmasy loungers are perfect for any Doctor Who fan. The print features TARDISes, Daleks, snowflakes, and sonic screwdrivers. It has a hood and looks ideal for wearing during all day Who marathons when it’s really cold outside.

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This incredible Atomic Wonder Woman cosplay features Feisty Cuffs Cosplay in a costume that she created using lots of worbla. She was photographed by Malificent Images who captured it all perfectly, including the sparks which were actually real.

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Star Trek’s Christopher Pike didn’t have an easy time. He was severely injured by radiation and left paralyzed. He was confined to a wheelchair and could only communicate through a light built into the device. This sublimated t-shirt from ThinkGeek captures the front of Pike’s black wheelchair. It’s an obscure reference and a little sad.

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rita repulsa 010

I think this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Rita Repulsa cosplay by Redditor fitorey5 is in my top 10 favorite cosplays ever.

The cosplay alone is fantastic, but the commitment to the character, the expressions and having to wear that 11 pound headpiece for hours just puts it over the top for me.

Hats off on this one, for sure. That said, I have a headache just looking at it. That’s gotta be heavy.

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More underwear! See? I am the underwear maven.

This time, it’s Morphin’ time. Well, the underwear doesn’t morph, but this Power Rangers Panty 6-Pack let’s you wear a ranger every day of the week, unless you fail to do laundry or like to go commando on Sundays.

Product Page ($29.99)