The folks at Anovos are releasing another incredible costume, and this time it’s an AT-AT Driver from Star Wars. In typical Anovos fashion, it is screen-accurate and will make you look like you stepped right off the set of the film. Features include:

Helmet with finished, lined interior and adjustable helmet suspension rig, meant for even the largest heads.
Built-in environmental / air system in helmet for comfort.
Bubble lenses installed in helmet.
Chest armor and chest box, with flexible hoses.
Canisters on end of hoses feature magnetic points, thereby allowing easy attachment to the magnetic points at the helmet’s back “mohawk” for easy maintenance.
Chest box features functional LED screen, mirroring faux indicator functionality of artifacts as used on screen.
Back armor with distinctive computer-board style.
100% polyester gray jumpsuit, with pockets and zip-front.
Lower-leg harness connected to back plate.
Faux leather gloves. Left glove features greeble, as seen from original artifact.

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I was already in love with the Gamer Nouveau shirt in our store. Now the design has been added to ShoeFury and I sort of flailed all over the place.

How cool would it be to wear the shoes and shirt at the same time? Nouveau from head to toe.

Product Page: ($69.99)


This simply gorgeous cosplay features Chainsaw as Morrigan from Dragon Age: Inquisition. Between the details on the costume and the stunning look of the cosplayer, this Morrigan is downright hypnotic.

Photography: Dzeta&Aiger

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It’s the final day of our Winter-een-mas t-shirt countdown leading up to the giveaway from our Nerd Approved shirt store, and January 31st is all about sports games.

This Planet Hoth Wampas tee seems appropriate for the day given that it is freezing outside right now. Best to spend the weekend inside playing games.

Head on over to our shirt store for even more awesomely nerdy designs and make sure to check back in on Monday for the giveaway!


We’ve featured the amazing work of Prince Armory in the past with gems like this medieval Joker and Loki armor—but holy sh*t with this Darth Vader version.

Owner Samuel Lee notes:

Conceptually this was a very challenging project. When you work on a very iconic character you have to think long and hard about how much liberty you want to take with the design. On one hand you don’t want it to play it too safe and have it a borderline carbon copy; that would be boring. And on the other you don’t want to go so far it is no longer recognizable or make design decisions that puts the fan base up in arms.

So I settled on trying to capture a number of the design elements within the classic Vader such as the banding patterns and many design lines, and then expanded into the fantasy realm with the red inlays and articulated armor designs.

The design scheme overall is of course very alternate universe. Ultimately I was going for a blend of Sci-Fi, Medieval, and Mystical Fantasy.

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Iron Throne shoes

Remember when we talked about these incredible Iron Throne heels by artist Nikki Rose?

Well, you can now purchase a pair of your very own as Nikki has decided to start offering them for sale. She also went ahead and posted a tutorial in case you’d like to make a pair yourself.

Product Page ($170)

You can check out the tutorial video after the break…

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Gone are the days of traditional cosplay creation. The beautifully handcrafted labor required for sewing every stitch, every button, and every piece of lace is now an ancient art. The painstaking passion which gracefully drips from every pore whilst fabricating layer upon layer of armor; a mere memory. Because now you can just print that sh*t!

James Bruton is the evil genius who has enslaved his 3D printers to create an unbelievable Iron Man Hulkbuster suit. With 23 YouTube videos and counting, Bruton is able to show his growing fan base this masterpiece unfold step by step. And with the Hulkbuster appearing in the next Avengers movie, his timing couldn’t be better.

Check out more details and his latest video after the break.

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While bombshells like this usually graced the screen or the sides of bombers in WWII, DC Comics Bombshells will grace your backpack while you daydream in class.

See Also: This DC Cosplay Is Bombshell-tastic

Maybe take it to a con and put some awesome DC Bombshells art or action figures in it, then you’d have Bombshell-ception.

Product Page ($34.99)

rpg united

It’s day six of our Winter-een-mas t-shirt countdown leading up to the giveaway from our Nerd Approved shirt store, and January 30th is reserved for RPGs.

This RPG United battle dice shirt seems pretty appropriate for the occasion.

Head on over to our shirt store for even more awesomely nerdy designs and stay tuned the rest of the week for more Winter-een-mas shirts and our giveaway!


Get you mind off the cold and snow for a moment and “Marvel” at the latest in superhero summer fashion. SciFeyeCandy has added these awesome Dark Phoenix and Deadpool-inspired bikinis to her shop.

Check out the Deadpool version after the break…

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