daenerys firebreather

She breathes fire on her own.

Cosplay by LavastormSW. Photo by Sky View Photography.

raven ear wrap

“Psst. Hey…those shoes don’t work with that outfit.”

“Shut Up Raven Ear Wrap!”

This blackened English pewter Raven Ear Wrap is pretty stunning, but just remember the saying “dark wings, dark words.”

Product Page ($27.99)

steampunk tinkerbell

The first time I saw this Steampunk Tinkerbell cosplay, I loved it, so I’m super happy that cosplayer Madeline Masquerade has finally done a photoshoot.

The cosplay itself is made by Joellen of Firefly Path (who also made these gorgeous dresses and cosplays) and the photography is wonderfully executed by Sharkey Imaging.

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ghost cat dress top

I think we found the centerpiece to your crazy cat lady Halloween costume. Hell, why not fully commit and wear this “Spirit In The Fright” dress year round?

It features scaredy cats, ghost cats and spooky jack-o-lanterns!

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Japanese retailer Gee! Store just made Dragon Ball Z cosplay super easy with these masks and outfits.

When you don’t have time (or the skill or the motivation) to fabricate DBZ characters, you can take the lazy way out and buy a complete outfit for around $88 dollars. With any luck, importers will bring these to the states sometime soon.

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nbc cosplay top2

Nightmare Before Christmas cosplay always delights me. That said, this genderbent version based on art by NoFlutter and cosplayed by Velvet Neko & Doody Cosplay is a whole new level of gorgeous.

From the photography by Mitsuyo Akuma to the make up by Nina Schäfer Makeup Artist, it all just works beautifully.

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modern dragon

Now this is an an engagement ring worthy of the Mother Of Dragons. I mean, just look at it. Absolutely stunning.

The ring includes:

* 1 x over 5.0 grams TW (approx) of cast solid 14K matte black gold* ring (Italian black rhodium coated over 14K solid white gold) size 7 (sizable)
* 2 x round 0.015 CT (0.03 CTW) laboratory grown rubies accent stones
* 1 x round 3.0 carat (approx) laboratory grown rubies center stone
* Deluxe jewelry box

But that’s not all. The ring can be had in several different color and stone combinations.

Product Page ($3549)


Youtuber Jerry Berg, aka Barnacules Nerdgasm teamed up with designer Lloyd Roberts of MyMiniFactory to create a custom 3d printed Stormtrooper suit.

Noting the changes in Stormtrooper armor in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Roberts and Berg along with a few other designers from MyMiniFactory worked to create a custom build specifically for Berg. Each piece of the suit and even the blaster were all created with 3D programs and printed just in time for PAX.

If you didn’t get to see the suit at PAX, then check out photos and two videos chronicling the process after the break.

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Step aside Mark Ruffalo, 11-year old Ellijah Davila is a truly badass Bruce Banner underneath his custom-made wheelchair Hulk cosplay. Unveiled for TerrifiCon in Connecticut two weeks ago, Ellijah’s uncle Eric D. Levine built the entire ensemble. In a recent interview with Sentinel Source, Levine said he wanted Ellijah’s costume be “the Hulk with butt-kicking action:

“He started researching materials he could use to make legs that would attach to the wheelchair and move. He settled on a foam used on treadmills and PVC pipe, he said.

He then had to carve, sand and spray paint the foam pieces to make them look like the Hulk’s legs when they were put together with screws and nuts, he said. He also carved “HULK” in one of the foam knees, and “SMASH” in the other, and put green LED lights behind the letters, which involved some wiring, he said. He put the same kind of lights in the Hulk’s body, which were foam front and back plates held together with Velcro.”

Ellijah’s family attended the con dressed in cosplay as well, including the characters Agent Carter, Maleficent, Poison Ivy, Iron Man, a Minion and Princess Anna. Uncle Eric even made things more interesting by dressing as Doctor Banner to push The Hulk around the convention.

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You can now own these badass replicas of Jacob’s Cane Sword and Gauntlet from Assassin’s Creed Syndicate. Each is made with incredible attention to both detail and functionality.

Speaking of functionality, the sword cane features a fully detailed sword and button-triggered spring-loaded scythe blade. The cane as a whole measures 36-inches tall. The sword measures 19 2/3-inches long x 9 4/5-inches wide x 3 1/5-inches tall.

The gauntlet features a functional, spring-loaded hidden blade with switchblade-style action and a locking mechanism. The gauntlet measures 16 1/2-inches long x 10 4/5-inches wide x 5 4/5-inches tall. The sculpted plastic blade and rope dart detail attach to the bottom of the forearm, while the adjustable straps and highly detailed simulated-leather gauntlet attach to the top of the forearm.

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