star wars cosplay

Star Wars Celebration has the power to bring anyone together—even Jedi and Mandalorians (love that armor!).

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critcal hit dealer

The mighty D20 has outrolled its enemies once again. Never say die.

“Critical Hit Dealer” is only $7 during the pre-order period, so grab the shirt at a discount while you can.

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shirt sale 2

We have a shirt store full of nerdy designs from the best independent artists and they’re all on sale for just $14 through Sunday, April 19th at 11:59 pm EST.

Tank tops, crewnecks and hoodies are also on sale for $18, $30 and $35 respectively.

We also have lots of new designs in the store, so head on over and grab your favorites at a discount while you still can!

star wars tie fighter headband

I was thinking that this TIE Fighter headband would be a perfect accessory for Star Wars Celebration, but think of all the upcoming cons and movie premieres! it will go great with all of your Star Wars outfits.

Product Page ($17.99)


This Clone Wars Darth Maul worn by Justin McQueede at Star Wars Celebration is amazing. He also caught the eye of Ray Park (the actual Darth Maul) who has asked him to appear with him at the con. My favorite part is the special “stab” saber.

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wizard shenanigans

“Wizardly Shenanigans” is the latest shirt in our Nerd Approved Shirt Store and it’s on sale for $14 for a limited time.

In fact, every shirt in our store is on $14 sale through the weekend. Tank tops, crewnecks and hoodies are also on sale for $18, $30 and $35 respectively. Grab your favorite designs while you still can!

Product Page ($20 $14)


Oogie Boogie gets a feminine twist in this cosplay by Weeze Cosplay. It’s mostly made of burlap, but what really sets it apart is the corset with stitching at the edges that makes it match the rest of the outfit perfectly.

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These gorgeous Gallifreyan pendants are the work of Washington State-based artists Illyana and Kristen. They use a fan-made version of the language created by artist Lauren Sherman to hand-paint each 1.5″ pendant. They’re glossy sealed to protect the finish and come on an 18-20″ silver chain.

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Friend of redditor yllwsnow2 got super wasted and decided to tattoo this hot mess on himself (though it could be just a marker drawing). The burnt-to-a-crisp Charmander is based on HatBoy’s brilliant Tim Burton-styled Pokemon.

Naturally, the Internet ran with it. In no time at all the tattoo was a meme that evolved into t-shirts, bottles, jewelry, cross stitch patterns, and more.

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Etsy seller Kalbelia is selling this gorgeous pixie-style vest and a matching skirt.

They’re made of velvet and are available in a variety of colors. Although the vest was sold out at the time of writing, they do take custom orders so you can contact the shop to have something made especially for you.

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